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Strategic Framework

This is your private database (we keep the right to access it for progress review, for answering questions you might have and to report aggregate data, if any and use your email address to contact you for troubleshooting.

It serves you to update progress and see where you stand "AT A GLANCE".

If you already have any of the components worked, done and solid, state so, for example Our Mission (solid); or if needs review say so: Our Mission (needs review); if t is a new draft as a result of executing StratExec say so: Mission  (S Draft) and if it is a StratExec final: Our Mission (S).

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you submit the Strategic Framework form for the first time, we will provide you with a UNIQUE  URL (INTERNET) Address so yo can access your framework and update it as many times as you want. We recommend you copy paste it on your CONTACT LIST under StratExec and also BOOKMARK the page in your browser. Nevertheless this same URL is also included on the email you receive after creating and/or editing your STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK. This email is sent to you from "StratExec CLIENT Strategic Framework <>" and the URL is in the row called Submission Edit LINK.

ENSURE YOU SAVE YOUR WORK BY SUBMITTING or SAVING through buttons at the end of the STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK form. Might take a minute to show form below!


NOTE: Allow popups from this page!

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