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Your Why? (at several levels and perspectives)

Early on, I suggest that the Strategic Team explores what is the core emotional engine of the organization, what moves (or moved) the FOUNDER or OWNERS to dedicate energy to this organization (and no, it is not money).

My recommendations are:

  1. Watch this short eye opening TED Talk with Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

  2. As an ST, discuss the answer to the question: What moves this organization? Under what circumstances are owners and/or top management fully engaged in the task at hand?

  3. Many times what moves the organization is already ingrained in a Mission statement. Many times it is NOT.* If it is NOT, write a short statement describing the PERSONAL WHY of the owner(s) and/or founders.

  4. This is easier to manage when yours is a FAMILY COMPANY, since the owners (or their heirs) and their TOP PEOPLE are usually accessible for this exploration.

A way to hold that discussion is to identify moments in the organizations history (or in the startup entrepreneur's life) where both major effort an situations created both deep energy engagement levels and enjoyment. After identifying several of those moments, try to identify the generic elements present that created the magic in those moments. Try to capture them in a sentence.


Our sister Consulting Organization Arroyo & Associates has a quite different WHY and MISSION. 

WHY: Bringing clarity, optimism and resolution to life challenges… supporting people’s success and happiness!

MISSION: Help improve clients' competitive position.

Assignment: Perform the WHY exercise as described above. Create a WHY statement.

Further explore Simon Sinek's work:

Search for his videos in You Tube. 


Now please type it in your INDIVIDUAL Strategic Framework Form.

REMEMBER: Your STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK is your UNIQUE  URL (INTERNET) Address you where given when you first submitted the form, please DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ONE! This same URL was also included on the email you received after creating and/or editing your STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK. This email is sent to you from "StratExec CLIENT Strategic Framework <>" and the URL is in the row called Submission Edit LINK.

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