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Complete Self Paced Do It Yourself Strategic Planning System. 

Includes templates and complete instructions so your organization (large, small, families or STARTUP)  can develop*: 
1. Mission; 
2. Vision; 
3. Strategic Objectives; 
4. Strategic Projects; 
5. Project Logic Validation; 
6. Action Plans 
7. Designing Your Corporate Culture
* by purchasing this subscription you agree to use the strategic process at your own risk - contents is much broader than listed. We assume no liability or responsibility for any damage or loss from the acceptance or rejection of our ideas or structures. We keep the rights to change terms or cancel at any time.

You keep access to site during your 12 months subscription. Includes our LEADERSHIP and STRATEGY Monthly Thought-Letter by email. After 12 months you will keep the monthly subscription at $2.99 monthly (vs $4.99  discounted subscription cost). You can cancel any time after the 12 months payment of the Strategic Plan System are completed.

Strategic Plan Self Paced Program - English NON PROFIT

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