Design your Desired Culture

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As seen in the model, organizational CULTURE  is a literal bridge or pathway towards achieving a VISION! It is also a direct influencer on the structure and processes! Better pay some attention.... as leaders you are responsible!

Organizational Culture Definition 

Set of norms and beliefs that are formally and informally (socially) transmitted in an organization, that directly impacts behaviors and results.

Organizational Culture Exercise

What behaviors (observable actions reflecting Corporate Values) we as a group should faithfully model in order for us to accelerate our journey towards our Vision.


Group those behaviors into VALUES that are reflected by them.


Select between four and seven values. Describe them with the observable behaviors grouped under them. 


Share it with your sounding groups, polish, get any required corporate approval, and then plan and execute a launching process.


Exercise - Systemic Coherence with Orhganizational Values

What in our way of leading, managing, evaluating, compensating and in all ways organizing and executing operations:

A. Support and/or makes it easy to behave as per the stated values.

B. Is not in agreement or an make it unnatural or harder to behave as per the stated Values.

C. What should be done to solidify coherences and to correct such incoherences? Create a specific plan to act on your findings.