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StratExec by Arroyo - Strategic Process Launch Page

The LAUNCH page is where the different process steps are listed, in the order recommended and each one LINKS to the work pages you have to execute to build up your strategic plan.

Clicking on the title or the logo at each step will take you to the corresponding section. Fill free to explore!

 Thank you! General instructions. 

How will this work flow.

Compose your strategic elements, track progress, plan next steps, schedule your projects and execute. Will also allow us to converse around specific doubts you might have through our SKYPE Consulting. 

Organize how you will use your human resources!..

Why do you wake up each morning if you are the owner, or why are you doing this process....

Establish a working framework on how everything will be managed with an "above policy" view of the organization. 

Purpose of your organization... in terms of VALUE to SOCIETY.

Fun begins.... dream, aspire for a better future... and get it down in writing! If daring, consider BLUE OCEANS where competition will be irrelevant!

5.1 Scenario Planning - Using the Crystal Ball

The future (tomorrow) will bring endless possibilities. You should identify a range of possible scenarios to ensure (or be aware of) that your strategies have relevance or fast adjustments to the constantly changing scenery (or for you to be the creator of the desired scenario!).

Transform your VISION into MEASURABLE OBJECTIVES so you can all understand and track progress. 

Behaviors define results. This is the more abstract (soft, complex, human) side of things.

Define Strategic Focus Areas. Select, structure and assign responsibilities for Strategic Projects.

Making sure everything is in line before diving into work!

How to get unstuck!

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