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"How are we doing?" is an extremely important question to keep in front of us. The ultimate test is if we are reaching the expected progress as measured with the Strategic Objectives.

What happens if you are strategy is not creating the projected progress?

First and foremost, the question to answer is:

Is the STRATEGY as DESIGNED in place? That is known if the Project Deliverables are being completed as planned. If NOT, you cannot reach any conclusion in terms of the effectiveness of the plan. Your clear conclusion is that you are NOT EXECUTING and you should do something about it!

For that, you can download here our book "The Good, the Bad, and the Troubled" which can give you a good framework to work on.

For a broader context, you should also download and read my book "Results Oriented Execution".


You MUST formally track progress at least QUARTERLY. During that meeting each responsible executive must present:

1. Status of DELIVERABLES DUE BUT NOT COMPLETED as of the last follow up meeting.


2. Status of deliverables due now.


3. What will be done to get back to PLAN if all due deliverables have not been completed. 

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