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Leadership Philosophy

The Leadership Philosophy frames how the organization is governed (from owners and board of directors) and guides its culture, promoting excellence and preventing or provokes problems.

Together with your Strategic Team work on identifying what leadership "TRUTHS" that lay in their heads and their hearts, as a seed exercise to develop your Leadership Philosophy.

Organizational policies as well as day to day decisions will be guided by these exercise. It does not need to end at your workshop and might take several months to finalize it.


1. Please see Strategic Leadership Model diagram above and locate the Organizational (Leadership) Philosophy. Notice how it "embraces"the whole model.Study some sample documents like, and others:


The Johnson & Johnson Credo 



2. Perform a group discussion by filling in these blank with an appropriate word or phrase several times:

Great leaders ________________ in order to effectively engage employees in consistently doing extremely high quality productive work, throughout time.

3. As a team discuss and reach consensus on which of those beliefs  (words or phrases) better frame what the team agrees to establish as a leadership framework (philosophy). Identify a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7.

4. At the end of the discussion a preliminary list is submitted to the owner or CEO % Board. You might want to present them to your "Top Level Sounding Board(s) (TLSB)" for additional feedback .before submission.

Make sure you save the underlaying logic and reasons why the selected Leadership Beliefs where chosen, and make them part of the document that presents them.

5. The owner(s) or CEO decides (with their board, if applicable), after giving in depth thinking to the arguments honestly presented by all members of the team, on what finally stays on the list, and in the order of importance that they should be stated.

6. Plan how will you effectively deploy, communicate and keep these document as a working tool that guides your Governance Process.

ASSIGNMENT: Schedule and perform this exercise as recommended. This could be part of your 2.5 days annual strategic planning session.

Now please type it in your INDIVIDUAL Strategic Framework Form.

REMEMBER: Your STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK is your UNIQUE  URL (INTERNET) Address you where given when you first submitted the form, please DO NOT CREATE ANOTHER ONE! This same URL was also included on the email you received after creating and/or editing your STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK. This email is sent to you from "StratExec CLIENT Strategic Framework <>" and the URL is in the row called Submission Edit LINK.

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