Strategic Team

If you are a one person startup or small business, CONGRATULATIONS, you are the strategic team and can go up to your next step!

If you are more than one person, some thought has to be given.

First: the best strategy might not work if your people do not believe in it; but, the worst strategy might work if people believe in it. In one word, you need PARTICIPATION so they develop some degree of ownership with the strategic process.

To simplify it we divide participation roles in:

1. Those who need to be informed so they can understand the overall strategy, and will eventually participate in fine tuning the strategy implementation at their area. We will call this the "Full Team (FT)".


2. Those who will be utilized as a Top Level Sounding Board so strategy can be given the time to mature and consider a wider perspective, while creating a critical mass of understanding buy-in. We will call this "Top Level Sounding Board(s) (TLSB)".

3. The Strategic Team: from 4 - 30 people that will directly participate in creating the strategic framework and all elements of the strategic process, including managing the execution of strategic projects. We will call this the "Strategic Team (ST)".


4. The Strategic Process Leader, who facilitates, assigns and/or contracts a resource (or, if he is very smart, a unique creative and cost effective solution - this one, your StratExec by Arroyo process) to direct the development and execution of the Strategic Process. He will also be responsible that at the end of this process, after receiving all inputs and options generated (firsthand since he is part of the ST, and with additional TLSB feedback) will decide in the strategic direction (together with the CEO and Board, if applicable) and explain those decisions as clearly and honestly as possible to the FT.

Assignment: Create your Strategic Team (ST) from Direct Reports with the possible inclusion of other key players and stakeholders (could include close providers and clients - or those could be included in Top Level Sounding Board (TLSB) sessions).