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Welcome! Read me FIRST!

NOTE: When finished please log in to your StratExec Framework Form Page:    PASSWORD: Arroyo18

Please do not share this URL address and/or PASSWORD, this is internationally copyrighted information, infiltrators will be prosecuted.

FROM THERE, after entering your information (what you have now, you will fill up other sections as you progress), hit to BUTTON to go to your LAUNCH PAGE.

WELCOME! Thanks for subscribing to our StratExec by Arroyo Do it Yourself Strategic Planning Process!

This unique and exciting process for developing a strategic plan that could catapult you into a better future!

At it has been proven and documented dozens of times in the last 10 years, STRATEGIC PLANNING based EXECUTION PAYS!

This read me first is a general guideline on what to expect.

What makes it unique is that is structured to be executed like if I was there facilitating like I have done several hundred times, but I am not, so you get a huge savings (over 97% savings!) and millions more can now afford it (even individuals and families - that should both have strategic plans) w/o impacting on results.


It is also unique in that it is subscription based, since new thoughts, tools and upgrades will be performed periodically in both our StratExec by Arroyo Do it Yourself website and our monthly Thought Letter (designed to make you think and grow stronger and happier - included free with what you subscribed), you never outgrow it.

It is made to fit all levels. It respects what you have done, but will push you to get better. It is made to be non-nonsense, straight to the point. Just get to work on the sections, develop the tools, apply, and improve.

1. Make sure you go from here to the StratExec Framework Form:

Page:    PASSWORD: Arroyo18

AFTER you go FIRST to the FRAMEWORK PAGE and fill your basic information, you can access the LAUNCH PAGE either by a LAUNCH BUTTON on every page or accessing it directly at

2. The order of the items to work on are suggested but highly recommended.

3. Each section includes:

         a. Some context. NOTE when we use the term OUR throughout this process,                  like in OUR MISSION, we refer to your organizational Mission. 

         b. Instructions on applying the concepts and developing the tools.

         c. Checklist: review so you can perfect your outcomes.

4. Two important things:

A.  The use of this StratExec copyrighted material is exclusively for a single organization that paid this subscription for such rights. Do not copy, print or photograph this material nor provide access to this site (nor lend or share login or password information) to other person/organization without our written authorization.

B. As stated under the product description: by purchasing this subscription you agree to use the strategic process at your own risk - contents is much broader than listed. We assume no liability or responsibility for any damage or loss from the acceptance or rejection of our ideas or structures. We keep the rights to change terms or cancel at any time.

Before we go, please note that all StratExec PROCESS pages will have a Navigation Button at the bottom so you can easily go back to your LAUNCH PAGE, where your process steps listing is located.


That's it. Let's go StratExec Framework Form (password = Arroyo18).

Questions: Write to us 

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